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Volunteer Opportunities

Special Olympics Florida Special Smiles Could Use Your Help in Two (2) Ways
1. Dental hygienists are needed as Screeners for oral screenings and fluoride application for the athletes during State Summer Games in May and Fall State Games in October
2. In order to provide screening to athletes all over the state not just at state games we need dental hygienists who would like to volunteer one or two weekends a year to be trained in a leadership role as a Volunteer Clinical Director for games in their geographical area. Area Games happen between February and April each year, State Games happen in November and May of each year. Clinical Directors are asked to conduct one Area Games Screening and if possible participate in one State Games. The more Clinical Directors we have the less work each person has to do!

Special Olympics Florida is extremely supportive in providing all the supplies needed and helping with set up at the venue. Clinical Directors are asked to recruit dental health professionals from their local area to provide oral screenings. This a great opportunity to get involved and give back to the community.
If you would like to chat by email firsthand about what it means to be a clinical director please email
Paula Schad at, or Judy McCauley Paula's phone is: 352 429-9241,352 223-5033

If you plan on attending the Clinical Director Training please contact and cc so we may prepare sufficient training materials and collateral

T-Shirts: All screeners are asked to wear Healthy Athletes shirts for safety and identification reasons
Meals: Screeners may eat dinner with us on Friday or Saturday night if they screen that day. Lunch is provided on Saturday. If you sign up for Clinical Director Training lunch will be provided on Friday.

Lodging: If you are training as a clinical director you may if wish stay Friday and Saturday night double occupancy If you are a screener and you live 80 or more miles away you are eligible to spend the night double occupancy Friday Night and depending on distance Saturday night also.

You may volunteer for one or both days. To register go to - on left side click Services, then Healthy Athletes, then Special Smiles. Do not register on the general registration site ! If you are coming as a trainee for Clinical Director register on line as a screener then email Nancy as instructed above
Thanks so much bring bringing good Oral Health to our Athletes. As Part of Oral Health Florida we promote: Healthy Mouth Healthy Body.

Paula Schad RDH and Judy McCauley RDH, Clinical Directors Special Olympics Florida, Special Smiles

Special Smiles